Medical Equipments S.A.

67 Apostolopoulou street, Chalandri, Athens, 15231
Ôel. : 0030 2106107303
Fax. : 0030 2106107307



Eurotechniques Hellas - Medical Equipments S.A. was established in 1996.

Since then is being activated in the area of Medical Equipments for Hospitals and also Consulting rooms.

Eurotechniques Hellas - Medical Equipments S.A., lodges in a modern pile in Chalandri.

In the same building operates the Tecnhical Support Department, the Show room and also the Warehouse.

Eurotechniques Hellas - Medical Equipments S.A., with its suitable trained and experienced personnel and also the greater selected firms from abroad that already represents, has succeeded to play the leading part in the sections of service and the quality of the machinery that offers.